About Us

We were pioneers in digital health prevention. Now we want to tackle the chronic disease epidemics with digital therapies.

Our Mission

Chronic diseases are spreading all over the world at face pace and high costs for the society and people. We think there is no fatality if we could provide people the right tools to change their habits, improve their health and reduce their risk of chronic disease. and act wisely with personalized recommendations and active support from peers and experts. Behavior change is key to transform the actual sick care system into a true proactive and preventive one.

Our methodology

We work hard since the beginning to succeed in delivering results for our participants and ROI for our customers. There is not a magic formula but a multidimensional approach.

Clinically supported and evidence-based behavior change programs
Prediction and recommendation based on AI and machine learning
Active support from peers and health coachs to create and sustain motivation
Truly engaging experience with impactful contents, rewards, social challenges, local events to connect participants where they live

Meet the team

Ignilife team is multidisciplinary, fulfilled with a great mission of transforming healthcare and inspiring individuals for a healthier and happier society.