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Ignilife’s exclusive new Coaching web series: meeting with Michael, sports coach.

17 Jan 2019

Ignilife’s exclusive new Coaching web series: meeting with Michael, sports coach.

Coach&You is the next web series offered by Ignilife. This first season will introduce you to Patricia’s story: a 56-year-old nurse who volunteers to return to a sporting activity thanks to Ignilife and our coach Michael. Michael’s mission will be to supervise her while she resumes a sporting activity and to provide her with the necessary motivation and courage.

Follow Patricia’s evolution and observe the different stages linked to resumption of sporting activities. Beyond the doubts and difficulties, note the benefits and advantages on your physical and moral health.


Hello Michael, can you introduce yourself and explain what this web series is about?
Hello everyone! My name is Michael. I am 26 years old and I have a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching Sciences and Techniques, obtained at the Faculty of Sports of Nice in 2015. I have been working as a personal sports coach for 4 years now; a profession that allows me to help people who want to achieve their goals on a daily basis, whether they are aesthetic, health or sports. The approach of a personal coach is totally different from a coach in a sports club, where the coach takes care of many people and tasks at the same time, which does not lead to quality. I try to bring this qualitative side as much as I can to the people I am with, by offering my time, energy, and knowledge.

Roughly speaking, this web series is a representation of the job I do, with the point of view of the person being coached, the psychological, physiological aspects, the constraints of everyday life, the barriers we may encounter etc… We followed Patricia for 1 month, to help her escape her sedentary life and to help her develop a taste for sports, in order to achieve her goals in the long term.

What did you like best about this experience?
I could talk about it for hours if I mentioned all the highlights of this experience, but I would say that it was the psychological evolution and the vision of sport that really changed as the sessions progressed. This craze you feel when you suddenly realize what you are able to achieve. I think we managed, Patricia and I, to completely hide the camera and bring out the human side, and that’s also what impressed me, because everything was real, no filter. We have succeeded, and I really hope so, in changing many people’s vision of sports practice; and that is something I am very proud of.

What were the key moments for Patricia?
There were so many of them, because there were so many barriers to get past for Patricia. But I will say that the 3 determining moments were chronologically:

  • the awareness that led to her decision to start a physical activity, for her well-being, morale, and quality of personal and professional life;
  • perseverance after having to endure the aches and other psychological pain after the first session… it takes a huge mental strength not to give up and to convince yourself that yes, when you want, you can… but above all, you must never give up facing obstacles, because today’s obstacles will be tomorrow’s rewards;
  • and finally the moment when I had to say goodbye to her, because this moment, when you find yourself autonomous and alone, is and will be decisive for the rest of her fitness.

What main advice would you give to people who want to regain their health with physical activity?
I have no better advice than to tell them: try it out. Do not let yourself be destabilized by the negative points but take it as a challenge, an opportunity, a choice of life. You will be all the more proud, and so will your family and friends, when you can say: “I did it, I tried it and I did it”. There is no risk in doing yourself any good… the head decides and the body follows, so get started, and you will see how it hardens the body, the mind, and improves life. Your health is your best ally, so don’t neglect it!

See you very soon,