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Release Note 2.2.0 | Progression

12 Mar 2018

Release Note 2.2.0 | Progression

There is something new on Ignilife this March! A new space is available in the mobile application to view your health data.

Set achievable goals, synchronize your connected objects or add your data manually and track the evolution of your health data.

You can now activate the monitoring of your health data. A multitude of data are available: number of steps water consumption, weight, sleep time…. It’s time to become an actor in your health

Are you a fan of connected objects? Synchronize them easily to benefit from Ignilife’s personalized recommendations and advice.

You can now analyze and monitor the evolution of your health data on a daily basis. Set yourself objectives, let yourself be guided through the different coaching of the application, and observe the benefits.

You don’t have any connected objects? No worries, enter your health data manually to visualize your efforts.