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29 Nov 2018

Staying healthy means…

Our health relies on four basic essentials. These are our physical form, our mental state, our social state and our environment. Closely linked, these four elements should be maintained in constant balance to ensure our well-being. And while it’s very important to nurture these four basic elements, 80% of chronic diseases could be prevented with […]

11 Sep 2018

Release Note 2.4.0 | New coaching experience

Based on the different user and customer feedback we have received, as well as to encourage engagement and change in the habits of our users, we have designed a new coaching experience on Ignilife. Your coaching is always done through the completion of quests, but this format is more free.¬† It gives you the power […]

15 May 2018

Release Note 2.3.0 | New feed

A new personalized and dynamic news feed: it takes into account your preferences, the latest health news and content written by our customers. And a makeover operation for news feed cards that have their own identity. Added a signature element, which allows to identify the source of each information.¬†This news feed can also be adapted […]

12 Mar 2018

Release Note 2.2.0 | Progression

There is something new on Ignilife this March! A new space is available in the mobile application to view your health data. Set achievable goals, synchronize your connected objects or add your data manually and track the evolution of your health data. You can now activate the monitoring of your health data. A multitude of […]