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21 Feb 2019

Meeting with Elisabeth, doctor in emotional health

Find out more about Elisabeths’ interview, our doctor in emotional health. Hello Elisabeth, can you introduce yourself quickly and explain how you support users on wellness issues? Hello! With pleasure! I am a doctor and researcher in cognition and behaviour with among other things. In medicine, my main specialty is psychiatry-psychotherapy with research and teaching […]

18 Feb 2019

Meeting with Guillaume Adam, Product Leader

Ignilife is a product but it is above all a team. Today we meet Guillaume Adam, one of the oldest members of the team despite his young age! Guillaume, for those of you who don’t know you, could you introduce yourself? Hello, my name is Guillaume ADAM, I am 29 years old, I have been […]

29 Jan 2019

Alcohol in the workplace

Alcohol at work,  an explosive cocktail. Although a glass of cider is accepted during the leaving drinks for a soon-to-be ex-colleague (to be able to really enjoy the farewell speeches), alcohol at work is not harmless. On the one hand, it is controlled by law, and on the other hand, its causes can be multiple […]

25 Jan 2019

Ski accidents: How to raise awareness among your employees?

To ensure that your employees’ stay on the slopes remains a pleasure and that it brings back only good memories at work, do not hesitate to raise their awareness thanks to our advice. Good physical preparation – Three weeks before departure, it is advisable to do stretching to prevent muscle injuries and promote recovery. Walking […]

17 Jan 2019

Ignilife’s exclusive new Coaching web series: meeting with Michael, sports coach.

Coach&You is the next web series offered by Ignilife. This first season will introduce you to Patricia’s story: a 56-year-old nurse who volunteers to return to a sporting activity thanks to Ignilife and our coach Michael. Michael’s mission will be to supervise her while she resumes a sporting activity and to provide her with the […]

20 Dec 2018

Let’s talk #QVT: Why do companies have to invest in soft skills?

Soft skills refer to emotional intelligence. A real “buzz” term of recent years in the field of HR, they are in addition to technical skills and in the face of work transformation (automation, robotization, artificial intelligence,…) constitute, or even will constitute, a differential. What are the main behavioural competencies? What interest do companies have in […]

30 Nov 2018

The 10 good reasons that motivated Ignilife to invest in Brazil

Ignilife has just opened its subsidiary in Brazil in São Paulo with strong ambitions. A major step in our internationalization. But why Brazil? 1. France and Brazil is a long love story; 2. Brazil is the country of creativity and sympathy; 3. Brazil must reduce health system spending; 4. Brazil has understood the value of […]

29 Nov 2018

Staying healthy means…

Our health relies on four basic essentials. These are our physical form, our mental state, our social state and our environment. Closely linked, these four elements should be maintained in constant balance to ensure our well-being. And while it’s very important to nurture these four basic elements, 80% of chronic diseases could be prevented with […]

11 Sep 2018

Release Note 2.4.0 | New coaching experience

Based on the different user and customer feedback we have received, as well as to encourage engagement and change in the habits of our users, we have designed a new coaching experience on Ignilife. Your coaching is always done through the completion of quests, but this format is more free.  It gives you the power […]

15 May 2018

Release Note 2.3.0 | New feed

A new personalized and dynamic news feed: it takes into account your preferences, the latest health news and content written by our customers. And a makeover operation for news feed cards that have their own identity. Added a signature element, which allows to identify the source of each information. This news feed can also be adapted […]