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Release Note 2.4.0 | New coaching experience

11 Sep 2018

Release Note 2.4.0 | New coaching experience

Based on the different user and customer feedback we have received, as well as to encourage engagement and change in the habits of our users, we have designed a new coaching experience on Ignilife. Your coaching is always done through the completion of quests, but this format is more free.  It gives you the power to compose the actions of your quest. Some actions have to be validated manually, others via your trackers available in the „Progress“ area.

From the home page, you can view your current quests and access them directly. You can also start a quest from each health category in the „My Health“ area.

At the beginning of your quest, you get a pack of cards representing habits/actions to work on. You are free to compose your deck of cards as you wish, and you must repeat them for an allotted time. Articles are always available if you want to know more about the theme of your quest, or how to adopt these new habits in your daily life. But their reading is no longer an element of completion.

Some actions of your quests are validated via the „trackers“ set up in the „Progress“ area. After synchronizing a connected object in Ignilife, it is easy and automatic to perform your different actions and change your health habits.

It is possible to discuss with other users about each quest action. You can express yourself, share your fears, tips and tricks to change your daily habits.