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The 10 good reasons that motivated Ignilife to invest in Brazil

30 Nov 2018

The 10 good reasons that motivated Ignilife to invest in Brazil

Ignilife has just opened its subsidiary in Brazil in São Paulo with strong ambitions. A major step in our internationalization. But why Brazil?

1. France and Brazil is a long love story;

2. Brazil is the country of creativity and sympathy;

3. Brazil must reduce health system spending;

4. Brazil has understood the value of investing in prevention and health promotion;

5. Brazil is the market of all superlatives: more than 6700 hospitals, 417 000 doctors, 219 000 dentists (10% of the world total) and 438 000 hospital beds;

6. Brazil is one of the most digital countries in the world with a mobile penetration rate of 114%, 122 million active Facebook users and an average daily application usage time of 190 minutes;

7. Brazil is a country that is highly receptive to innovation;

8. Brazil has a skilled workforce in all areas;

9. Brazil is an increasingly dynamic and powerful scene for startups with a favourable ecosystem;

10. Finally, the Ignilife team has been Franco-Brazilian since its creation and loves Brazil.

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