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Staying healthy means…

29 Nov 2018

Staying healthy means…

Our health relies on four basic essentials. These are our physical form, our mental state, our social state and our environment. Closely linked, these four elements should be maintained in constant balance to ensure our well-being.

And while it’s very important to nurture these four basic elements, 80% of chronic diseases could be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and detection of risk factors. So why miss out?

The physical element is based on a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle in general. Active and accountable management of our health capital is essential. Hence the importance of following up, along with your doctor, any recommendations regarding vaccinations and screening.

The mental element is also essential because major stress can result in the occurrence of many illnesses.

The social element, the quality of our relationships helps us stand up to life’s hardships better.

The environmental element is based on your work life, your home or your travels. By acting positively on these different environments, you are contributing towards better health.

The world is your oyster

You know, the determining factor in preventing illness is you!

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